I have been blogging for a while on my niche blog Melody and Me, I have had several names over the years for my “everything else” blogs. Fell in love with this one.

The Red Head Diaries, is just what I needed to feel connected, I feel a lot more connected to it, and have been usingĀ it on my Instagram, (@theredhead_diaries I have more love for it.

So, we have Me Mama Red (Julz).

Wife to Mr Red,

Mama to…

Biggest Red..She’s 12 going on 16, at least she wishes.

Boy Red..He is 9 and is my only boy, train mad surrounded by crazy women.

Mini Red.. She is 4 going on 12 again, at least she wishes.

Baby Red.. She is 22 months she too wishes she was 12! Our very last baby.

Melly Red.. We all wish she was here. Stayed for just 5 weeks.

Parenting after a loss is not what I expected, it certainly isn’t the fluffy rainbow I had imagined

Most importantly, yes, we do have red hair.

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The Red Head Diaries.