Meaning Behind My Blog Name(s)

I run two, my first one I have had for a little while and have had several name changes in the five years I have had it, but had the current name for almost a year.

It is such a damn obvious name; I have no idea why I never used it sooner.



Melody and Me.

It has become such an important place for me, a safe place to share our daughter, to relieve some thoughts, to help others understand why and what I am thinking. It isn’t always easy to get these things across, especially some people would rather risk running across the road in front of a bus than speak about the life we lost.

It is strange to have had this space for this long now.


The Red Head Diaries

This blog, I have again had several name changes, and I have never really been overly confident with this one I must admit. I have no idea why, but as it is a parenting and general life blog, I always feel I am pretty much winging both life and parenting, and it isn’t always particularly exciting, but ultimately I don’t really do it for anyone else, I love writing if it gets read then bonus.

Again I can’t believe I never had this name sooner. I am a read head, my children are all read heads, my husband has a hint of red in his hair (although he won’t admit to it).

And red heads are absolutely awesome – and hot (tempered).


The Red Head Diaries



My Most Proud Moment

I don’t think I can pick just one proud moment. I am a typical Mum I am proud of everything my children do, and I’m also proud of my husband for the things he achieves.

I guess the biggest thing, was how they have all pulled together through the death of our daughter. How well the children behaved and continue to behave in a way I’d never imagined after what they’d been through.

My children together have broken through the unimaginable taboo; have failed to keep silent about the death of their sister.

They speak of her when they want to, they have taught their sister, and will continue to teach their baby sister, about the sister they never got to meet.

It was never part of the plan for them to have to teach the world about their sister, it was never part of the plan to watch their hearts break, to know that babies die.

To have walked through something that most adults have repeatedly said they’d not survive, to have come out the other side the little humans that they are.

They don’t talk about their sister 24/7, but they do talk about her, they nothing more than to tell people they have a sister who lives in the clouds; to write about her in school projects.

Showing the love for their sibling who they only knew through a plastic box, who was only here for such a short time.

So, no I don’t have one proud moment, I have a family who has many moments to be proud of.


The Red Head Diaries

The Top of My Bucket List

I try not to speak about bucket lists too much.

Live for the moment, I really do like to take one day at a time. We do make plans of course we do but the bigger ones we don’t always plan too far on advance.

The top of my bucket list would be to travel the whole of the UK, including Scotland. I am sure there is a whole world that needs visiting. But I am privileged enough to have been born in a country with such beautiful heritage and histories. I’m lucky that where I live, here in Somerset we’re already surrounded by stunning landscapes and wonderful buildings, but I would love to see them all.

We’re hoping to do Scotland in a couple of years anyway, but I would love to visit everywhere, even if there are places that aren’t as picturesque, they still have character of some kind. Although I am not religious, I think the UK has some beautiful churches and cathedrals.

We’re members of the National Trust, so we do get so see some of the local areas which are included, so this will help towards the sights I would love to see. There are many theme parks here that we could enjoy, countryside outside of Somerset to visit.

Don’t get me wrong there are a few places I’d like to visit away from the UK, Italy being one and Disney Land too…I know not a wide spectrum. But it is here I’d love to explore more first, nooks and crannies that aren’t huge on the tourist lists. I’d like to write Melody’s name in all of the beaches here, visit the lakes and see the Dragonflies.

Try cream teas in different parts, try foods that maybe I have already tried but are from a specific region, maybe cider is actually better away from Somerset, (I doubt it ;))I know real Irish Guinness is nicer that the pub version.

I live in a beautiful country;I look forward to seeing more.


The Red Head Diaries

An Average Day

I will have to be honest; there really isn’t an average day in this house.

We rarely have two days the same. Having two of our children being terrible sleepers, it is completely unpredictable on when or how our day begins. Mini has occasionally woken at 1am – for the day. Occasionally the pair of them will tag team, one night Mini will sleep until 4 am and Baby will wake, there is no two the same.

We have started bed transfer with Baby Red, but she’s often back in our bed between midnight and 3. We keep telling ourselves it isn’t forever. Surely not?

Mondays and Fridays have a little more routine, but I guess routine will get better once Mini begins school in September.

Mondays I tend to do group admin, I try and do a lot of networking which people don’t see, contacting various places raising as much awareness as I can, it is tireless; at times I feel as though I am speaking to myself.

Anything Majorette related I add in, but often that leaks in somewhere daily, particularly recently when we were organising a fun day.

Feeding Baby Red endless amounts of breast milk, making sure she doesn’t come to harm’s way, she goes overboard with her adventuring sometimes.

School runs.

Providing I’m organised enough I can get dinner started before the Mr arrives home.

Over the summer term, my Fridays

6am Get up

6.10 Shower

6.30 Breakfast

7.00 Baby Red needs boob

7.15 walk to work at school

7.45 start work

8.45 finish work

8.50 meet the children before they start school

9.00 errands in town

9.30 walk to see Melody

10.10 walk to school

10.20 arrive ready to chaperone swimming

10.25 -11.25 walking with and waiting for swimmers

11.30 returning to school at 11.45

12.00 shift

1.30 finished return home

1.35 Baby Red needs boob

1.45 lunch

1.50 Baby Red needs Boob

3.15 collect children from school

4/4.30 dinner

4.30 Baby Red needs boob

4.30 print anything needed for majorettes, get ready for majorettes

5.30 leave the house

5.45 drop two children to one hall

6.00 Stay with trainer in another hall

7.00 One lot of training finishes, (natter to one of the other Mums)

8.00 drive home

8.30 supper

8.30 Baby Red needs boob

9.00 hopeful transfer to bed for Baby

9.00 hopeful uninterrupted writing time

10-11pm bed time





If I Won The Lottery

If I won the lottery, I would still go to work, I’d maybe pay to enhance my career; maybe a teaching course, at the very least Teacher Assistant training.

If I were to win the lottery, I would still shop in Aldi, I am used to their foods, I like the shop, their bargains.

If I were to win the lottery, I’d love to take my family on holiday.

If I won the lottery I’d encourage my husband to take leave from his employment, he loves writing too, it would be a wonderful thing for him to pursue something he loves too.

Would look in to what changes could happen with saving babies, change in policies.

Would maybe move from where we live.

It would just be nice to live without counting too much on how full our purses are.


Of course it isn’t about the big wins.

£10 I’d probably buy a couple of bars of chocolate for the children and maybe some stationery.

Nothing exciting; I’d like to be able to live comfortably, and help friends and family.


The Red Head Diaries


My Earliest Memory

I’m not sure really, I don’t have any photos to help either. I was brought up around vintage car rallies; my Dad had is very own vintage car, but he repeatedly took it apart then would go a couple of years before it was in a drivable state again.

I remember being in Majorettes named Super Troupers as a young child, can remember the Pom Poms being huge, they were red white and blue (I think). We used to perform at various fetes including the schools and the Museum.

I wish I had photos.

I remember spending a lot of time with my Nan; we were close particularly after Andad (I couldn’t say my ‘G’ as a toddler so Andad stuck) died.

When I stayed overnight a lot she used to let me stay up late and watch the News at 10 , we’d sit in the dark, her real fire still glowed slightly…Moira Stewart read out the news. We’d probably have had cereal or tea and biscuits for some kind of supper.

I can’t really remember a lot about my childhood; things have happened over the past few years, I’m not sure whether my mind is just blotting things out, or my memory isn’t up to scratch. My memory changed somewhat after our daughter died, it meant a lot that didn’t involve my children has been wiped, not completely it just isn’t as clear any more.  It is really hard to explain. Some things I can remember.


So, I’m afraid there isn’t much to share here.


The Red Head Diaries


What’s In Your Fridge?

We’re attempting healthy eating I, for one have really poor willpower.

Our fridge at the moment is well stocked with fruit healthier things. Not a bottle of alcohol in sight – not for now anyway. I’m not a massive drinker, so it is quite rare to see anything alcoholic in there; being in charge of children it is hardly fair to be drunk in front of them all of the time. My husband is Teetotal, as an ex-alcoholic he completely quit many years ago.

This is our fridge.

Apple Juice 3 or 4 cartons of the stuff

Garlic Bread, the children like to have it with Spaghetti Bolognaise, which we’re having over the next few days.

Mince meat

Muller Light in the hope it will help curb my sweet craving, which is also low in calories.

Grapes, salad, and avocados – We are trying…


Tube Yogurts

A large pot of yogurt for my overnight oats.

Soft cheese spread

Dairylea Spread


Milk 16 pints of it…

Bottle of diet coke our once weekly treat.

What you can’t see it garlic cloves, jam, mayo, salad cream, Babybel.


Very boring.


The Red Head Diaries