Saal Digital UK Photo Book 

​I love taking photos; I take them at every possible opportunity. For me it is important to make memories, but to also make them last. In a digital world it can often make us forget to take the hundreds of photos from USB sticks, our phones, our flash drives. Placed into thousands of folders on screens rather than in shoe boxes or albums. It is always on one of my “to do lists”, to print and sort out the literal thousands of photos I have stuck in my many devices. But of course never gets done. 

I have just recently been given the opportunity to review a Photo book, from Saal Digital UK. I have brought a couple of photo books in the past, they have been okay – pretty run of the mill; so I wasn’t entirely sure on what to expect when my new photo book arrived. 

I have been really pleasantly surprised by this photo book, if I am honest I wish now I had chosen “better” photos, but I love them all the same, I can’t wait to use these books for some of my landscape photos. 

I really love what I have received, and have been showing it off to anyone who will listen and will be back to purchase another, it’ll certainly make the memories a lot easier to look through. 

The Saal Digital UK and software is really easy to use, with clear easy to follow instructions (which make me very happy).

They do a selection of products from prints to Calendars. 

There are a variety of choices for the photo books including hard covers, booklets with spiral binding and soft covers. 

My Book is made up of glossy texture, with an unpadded glossy cover 15×21 with 28 pages. 

Would I recommend Saal Digital UK? 

Yes definitely. There was a really quick turnover from ordering to it reaching me, which is brilliant for last minute shoppers. Thank you for such a great experience.

Best Physical Feature

I’m not overly sure on this one. I’m not really a fan of myself; I struggle to see what anyone else sees. Looking in the mirror doesn’t give me a lot in return. I spent a lot of my childhood being mocked about the colour of my hair, or something about my being – even friends would have a bash. Even my Mum once told me that she asked the nurses if I was hers due to the colour of my hair…

My Grandfather on my Dad’s side made it very clear I was the wrong gender.

I have never felt beautiful or pretty, yet my new husband tells me at least once a day that I am.

I have learned to love my hair after years of dying it black, I eventually had the colour cut out and went natural, although I have had reds added to enhance it about a year ago. I really love that my children have the colour.

I often imagine myself as a bit of a laughing stock when people see me, no confidence in myself, I really do have very low self-esteem, I try to tackle it, but nothing really works. I just see ugliness. I hate feeling this way.

So if I were to really think, my Best Physical Feature would be my breasts…not the look of them!

But what they have done over the years, feeding my beautiful babies, from as little as nine days to three plus, expressing under extreme circumstances, one way or another I have managed to feed them. I was continually told during my first pregnancy that because no one else in my family breast fed, I wouldn’t be able to either, without the support professionally and personally my journey with her lasted nine days. My son was two years but included top ups of formula, because I was told he needed it.

When I our premature baby was born at 26+6, I was determined to give her the best start I possibly could, as her feeds upped she would be topped up with formula, which I found mentally difficult. I was pleased that for the five weeks we had her I was able to express at least some of her feeds.

My next two babies took to breastfeeding with ease, one went to just after three years old, and the other is still going strong at just over two years old. Just recently our four year old was really poorly, getting dehydrated and we weren’t getting the best advice, so I expressed within 24 hours she was finally feeling better.


So that’s why I feel my best physical features are my breasts. They have Super Powers.

The Red Head Diaries

What Is In My Handbag?

What’s in my handbag?

Well, I have several handbags, several which after a couple of weeks, and at a push months become redundant returning to the wardrobe, usually only temporarily, as I tend to rotate. A couple of my handbags have something that resembles Melody; so one has an ‘M’ keyring and another has a cuddly monkey keyring, which very briefly went to the NICU with her.

Currently I am using a flamingo backpack, purchased from Asda for £8. I wanted a backpack for in between shifts during the last summer term and for majorette competitions.

So, what is in my handbag?

Well, I am afraid to say nothing overly exciting.

Spare change of clothes for Baby Red…I must admit it has been nice to down grade from a changing bag, have used a change bag for what seems like forever, officially it is four and a half years, but we also used a small change bag for when Melody was alive too – anyway, nice to have minimal baby things on tow now.

The spotty notebook is hopefully plans for my Christmas adventures – it I still empty.

I have a Bluetooth speaker, Mr Red recently brought this for me, I love it, it is a shower one, not that I use it in the shower, but I have taken it so that the majorette trainer could use it.

Pecorama tickets from last week, I really don’t need these in my bag, but they are there.

A Cath Kidston Purse. I love this purse so much; it is a perfect size for me.

A Pen

A canvas bag, which is going to (hopefully) turn into my 2017 Prayer Flag for this year’s day of hope on the 19th August.

My diary, I actually have two but this one is my brain, my memory I would be very lost without this book.

Unicorn Notebook, using this to jot down ideas for this challenge, particularly when I can’t get to a computer, or I’m in the car.

My Camera, I love photography, I did it as my work experience and as a Saturday job when I was a lot younger, I’ve had various digital ones, my one before this was a gift from my husband, unfortunately it became tired, resulting in me being without one for a while, until a couple of weeks ago when I won one on eBay. Very pleased so far.

It is quite boring really, I’ve often got random leaflets and information in there, it is fairly organised…for now.

The Red Head Diaries

Merriott Majorettes Charity Fundraiser

A majorette troupe from Merriott will be holding a Majorette Competition with a Fun Day; Sunday 13th August (This coming Sunday)!

The day will give the opportunity to see some award winning Majorette Troupes compete against each other, in aid of two fantastic Somerset Charities; St Margaret’s Hospice and Towards Tomorrow Together, both close to Merriott Majorettes’ hearts.


St Margaret’s Hospice provides palliative care to patients with life limiting conditions, supporting their families through difficult times ahead.


Towards Tomorrow Together provides families with support through the loss of a baby or child, as well as memory boxes before families leave the hospital, to assist with making memories.

The day will include displays from Devon Dynamite Majorettes, Cullumpton Ace, Port Bredy Allstars, Chard Evolution and Castle Cary Cygnets; with duets, parent fun and lunch time activities which are majorette themed.

As well as this competition there is a Fun Day, to add to the already special event. Stalls with various activities, and things to buy.

Disney’s Anna and Elsa have agreed to come along, will be there from 11am.

Not forgetting our raffle, with a chance to win some wonderful days out from Yeovil Football Club to Haynes, with a selection of hampers, there are a lovely range of prizes.


These are just a few we have to offer

(There is still time to donate if you wish to).

The day will begin with the first section which will be Military displays from 9.30am, with presentation of trophies at around 5pm.

There will be a BBQ, cake and tuck shop stalls too.

This will be the second year running Merriott Majorettes have given up their limited time to make a day for Charity. They’re a fantastic team.

Huge thank you to everyone involved, who will be making the day possible, particularly the troupes traveling from across the South West to join in with the special event.

If you’re at a loose end, pop over and support these two great causes.

Any more information please head over to Merriott’s Facebook Group, keep up to date with their latest news and events.


Well done to everyone.

The Red Head Diaries

Pet Peeves

I am sure there are a few I have hiding away in there somewhere, but here are a couple at the fore front of my mind.

When people make assumptions, without researching, or asking questions.

People who pull out onto Roundabouts, filling them so nobody can pass including emergency services. WAIT!

People who put others down, or not celebrate the good things people do, belittling great achievements.

But also people who only speak, when something good in your life is happening, but when there is dark clouds, the very same people are nowhere to be seen.

The way society see children as disposable, they can be easily replaced.

People who fail to take responsibility for their children, (not about anyone in particular..before the judgement pants are being worn)… There are so many people, who would do any thing for our children, would give anything to not have one who died….Just saying.

People who have issues with gay relationships – every single human deserves love, to love freely.

People who have issues with race, we are all the same.



There is probably a whole list I could share, but right now I am stuck.

Do you have any? Big or small.

What really pisses you off?


The Red Head Diaries


My Senses Right Now


I’m not sure where this should be heading, so I will just go through my human senses, and what each of them are, well…sensing.



I broke my glasses just over a fortnight ago, they have been held together by tape and glue, days where I’d accidentally knock them, and they would come unstuck – three or four times this happened, each time I was plunged into a world of blurry and poor vision, my sight is terrible, it was never the best but it was made considerably worse by my last pregnancy.  I’ve had my eyes tested in the last couple of weeks, they haven’t gotten much worse.


Playful chatter, or gentle snores are what fills my ears of a morning, there is rarely silence here, not even at night while sleeping takes place; some snoring and often talking too. With four children at home it can be incredibly noisy; often I need to say for them to lower the volume, although I’m not a fan of silence. I love the sound of the sea, the waves crashing back and forth, back and forth, it is such a peaceful noise.


I’m trying to diet, and it isn’t the easiest, I am tired a lot –  Velcro toddler, who STILL loves her breast milk around the clock, I find myself eating shit. But I am trying, I am trying to be a lot healthier, there are so many healthy foods I have never tried before. I am loving new tastes, I just need to eave the chocolate alone…


Rain, especially the daylight thundery rain, I cannot explain the smell, but it is such a nice natural smell… which is opposite to the next smell I love, steam engine smell, either from Steam Trains or the miniature ones, or the scent from the traction engines. It reminds me heavily of my childhood, going to steam rallies, with vintage cars and machinery. The scent takes me right back there.


Baby’s skin, I love how soft and perfect their skin is. The feel of fresh, chilly bedding and the cold side of the pillow is how beds should be upon entering them of a night time.



The Red Head Diaries

What I’m afraid Of 


Lots of things Spiders is probably my most biggest phobia, Clowns too if I can I’ll avoid at all costs. Unless you’re doing a psychology project and find Google have photos of Clowns with Spiders in their faces.. Interesting.

Nothing is safe.

That aside, I suffer with anxiety, even more so since our daughter died. In a world where nothing is no longer safe. Some days the fear takes a hold of me, grounds me on the spot, but mostly I can cope, we can cope. This part of my life I think I hide it well.


I’m afraid of loneliness, but also having people around me who treat me like I’m a second thought. People have walked away from my life, and wrack my brains for months trying to figure out what I’ve done. I put the blame on myself too much,when often I should know it isn’t me, or maybe it is.


Becoming the writer I’d like to be, afraid I’m not good enough – maybe I’m not, but for something I love doing, I should let being afraid stop me.
All probably silly things to be afraid of, but they’re pretty big in my mind. Whilst I don’t let them bother me too much, sometimes fear gets the better of me.

I could probably be less afraid of these things, I hope one day this list will just be – Spiders.